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There is a hentai game I want to recommend you, it released a few days ago. The art-style and the sex scenes are GREAT!

Play here, CLICk


Haha, this rules!

The aesthetic was really cool and the dino art was definately arousing. I want more cute gay dinos in the full game!

The music was execllent and if I didn't know better I'd have assumed it was composed by the "powerful bad boy" himself Eric Shumaker.
(The sound effects were kinda irritating after a while though although I'm pretty sure that was intentional lol)

There was one minor gripe however.

I know the sex option was literally right there but I didn't pick it as I assumed in standard porn game fashion you'd only be teased until you beat the minigame.

This was incorrect and while it was kinda my fault I didn't even know there was actual sex until I saw a screenshot on this page and replayed it.

I'm sure many other players may miss this as well.

While I appreciate your forwardness with the sex (We've all played THOSE games that take millenea for the characters to start fucking) I think it would be a good idea to also present it after the minigame.

Overall a great game. I was not aware of your stuff previously but now I'm SUPER HYPE for Gator or Zebra!


Woooah you know about Cboyardee!? I don't want to go into much detail but I was making games way back in the Rpgmaker 200X golden age, Barkley Gaiden and his music were a big influence on me at the time(and to this day :p) Hehe the main song in the game is a based on two songs he released in one of the Barkley 2 kickstarter rewards. I did a recreation of them and was trying to find a way to contact him, see if I could use my arrangements in either game but people I tried to contact to see if they had a way of contacting him either didn't respond or didn't have a way of contacting him :( so I just messed around with the chords, lead, etc... and made a new song out of it.

I'm not going to share the originals! This is the one that the Vrex pad theme is based on the most:

And this one I wanted to be the coffee shop theme in Gator or Zebra but since I never figured out how to ask if it was okay, I never used it:

I tried to imitate his style and I'm pretty sure we use a lot of the same soundfonts/VSTs(like the infamous "dooh" one)

Anyway, there will be more cute gay dinos soon- in another short game I'm working on at the moment :3 I won't be expanding on this game(but in the future I'll most likely expand on the concept of Velocirection's sexy place where you bang dinos including Vrex himself but in a game with a bigger scope) trust me though, there will be plenty more gay dinos either in games or in some art I'm doing or in way or another.

On the sex option, you're the second person that's brought this up! It's a blunder on my part- you see, I figured people would pick the "I wanna eat that ass!" option *first* you know? Like "To hell with this mini game bullshit, let's get to the sex >:3" but I thought wrong so my apologies. In the future, I'll make it absolutely crystal clear what dialogue options lead to sex or not. :) I've been meaning to update the game so that's a fix I'll do, make it so you can also do the sex option at the end of the mini game if you didn't do it the first time.

And anyone reading this, for the record:

"We've all played THOSE games that take millenea for the characters to start fucking"

I really dislike when games do this and if you play a game by Pizzass Games... know that I like to have the characters getting their freak on ASAP ;3 ;3 ;3

Thanks a ton for the kind words and the input! It's very helpful and I'm glad you're looking forward to more Gator or Zebra- that'll be coming soon but I wanted to do another short game for Valentines day(missed that sadly) of course I'll be putting that on itch when it's done. And you want to stay updated on that, follow @Velocirection on twitter :3 here's a little peek:

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Tbh no idea, some tell me zebra is there favorite but people might enjoy gator more on day 2!

I just wanted to do something really gay with Velocirection's Pad ;p

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Loved it, can't wait for more man!

Thank you!! :D more to come, friend- I'm just getting started ;3


Dude, I played it. It was fucking hot.

Thanks ;3 glad you thought it was hot!


Cool. Liked the arcade game. FATCAT IS  RAD.

Thank you :D had a ton of fun working on Fatcat :p