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Micah, a dinosaur guy, finally gets his legally obligated, unpaid vacation from his job at an auto parts store. What will he do with all this free time? Try to get lucky with a gator babe or a zebra dude! ;3


-Mouse to move cursor-

-Left mouse to click things-


-Are there any other dateable characters?

No, the only characters who you can date are the gator or zebra. However, there will be optional saucy scenes with NPCs~! ;3

-Is there any yiff  in there yet?

Not yet, but there will be! Things won't spice up until day 2 and day 3 of the game. The demo ends after day 1 is over with.

-Did you make the music?

Yes, all content in the game is made by me, Velocirection.

-What about the font :/

No I didn't make that! It's the font from Illusion of Gaia, you can get it here:



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Cannot wait for the next update!


Thank you! That will very likely be the next thing I work on- however, I'm working on something in the Gator or Zebra "universe" if you want to call it that that I'm really excited about :D

Oh, shiny!


I like lewd sense of humor


Thank you :D me too ;3

I kid you not, the 2 games you created were hot. I love the art style, the way the game works, and how you out effort Into it. It would be an honor to record Velocirection Pad and Gator or Zebra. I will post my videos here when uploaded. Keep the sexy work and have an amazing (erotic) Day!

Jeez thank you so much! :3 You too, have an amazing erotic day and looking forward to recordings :D

For vids of course

Dude, Game is hot. I should record both games

Thank you~ I had so much fun making these games and I have something really exciting in the works right now btw!

If you record them let me know, I'd love to see/share and stuff. :3

Also sorry I didn't respond sooner, for some reason I either missed/didn't get a notification.


hey! i played the demo for free and it was really fun, so i came back and paid for it! i hope you keep working on it, I love the retro art style, reminds me of early Sierra. I like how direct the story is, keep up the good work!

Oh man thanks a ton :D you have no idea how much I appreciate that!!! I'm still working on Gator or Zebra and very soon I'll have another thing playable for everyone- it'll be called Velocirection's Pad. It's related to GoZ but it's also a self contained experience...


Thanks again and double thanks for the money :3


thanks for the reply! more $ headed your way~

;.)  thank you~!!


  Hey, Velociretion. I wanted to give some suggestions for the game because I really liked the idea and how you did it. I also wanted to ask some questions about the game in the future. Well... I think a good idea for the game would be the choice of what to talk about during sex with both characters, and of course, the positions and other details. I would also like to see, in a next version or in a longer demo how sex would work, with animations or simply images. I wish you luck in this project. I loved the game and especially Gravus and his butt.     (COF, COF, Sorry for my english)


Thank you so much :D I'm planning for some scenes where the player will have choice in what kind of sex stuff they do. So for example(this may or may not make it in the game!!!) like in sexy part you can either have Gravus suck the main chars dick or the main char sucks Gravus dick.

I have a small demo of something coming soon and I'm really excited about it! It's not day 2 but... Kind of a preview type thing with a couple extra things. You'll see soon!

And for this project, no animation, sorry :( I'm not very good at it and it can take a long time. However next game(or next next game) I plan on having 3d animation. Here's something reeeeally old


My original idea for a 3d dating sim was too ambitious but I'll return to that and make something in 3d(or just a sexy 3d animation? Idk we'll see!)

Thanks again for commenting and the feed back and I really can't wait to have more playable stuff for you(and everyone! You all are so kind, thank you! :D)

Deleted 353 days ago

Thank you :D 95% photoshop(sometimes I use MS Paint to clean up lines) but for certain scenes I've been using 3d helpers(actually, the scene where the main char is standing by some cars was my first attempt at drawing over a 3d scene)

I modeled some cars in Blender for a previous project and figured I'd use those :p 


is a really cool game! If I can I want help in something,like made other story,something about nsfw and Sfw question, Nice too meet you guys I’m Matt...Other thing I’m gonna say about this game to my friends^^


Thanks so much, Matt :3 glad you like it!! If I understand correctly, you have questions? Please feel free to ask here or you can email me at velocirection@gmail.com (also sorry for the late response, I'm not very active on itch :x)